That is my beautiful Baxter, an L.B.T. (Loveable Bull Terrier), the most beautiful dog that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Those who have ever known a bully, and have treated them well, know only too well that they are a most remarkable dog. Baxter (named after a French movie based on a bull terrier), was a most delightful and happy animal to be with. He loved people, especially children, and was always full of life and a pleasure to be with. Sadly, this all ended in August 1996. We noticed he was sluggish for a while, and when he went to the vet, he never returned home. After five days of medication and an operation, he went into a coma and died of a rare blood disease. At least we had the pleasure of his company for five of the six years of his life. But we miss Baxter terribly.Would we ever have another bull terrier? Not for a long time. They say that once you have had a bully, you rarely have another one, simply because they each have a very special character. They simply cannot be replaced.  We also had another wonderful dog, Gracie, a boxer/kelpie Australian cattle dog) cross, who was in many respects just as loveable as Baxter, but she too has sadly left us.