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Dawn, Yarra River and Melbourne CBD from Hilton Hotel. At last, a hotel room with a view! 

Yarra River bridges, from Hilton Hotel. White ball in centre is in Federation Square.

Polly Woodside, at dock near Southbank. Nothing special about the shot. I just love old sailing ships. Do you know her original name?

Polly Woodside at dock, near 'Jeff's Shed', Exhibition Hall.

Hot-air balloons over Melbourne CBD - Yarra River again, from Hilton Hotel. 

Jazz group, Hamer Hall. The lighting was ordinary. What can you do with a pocket-camera? Make the most of your Parkinsons Disease and shoot anyway. The results are hit and miss but you never know. You can often do something with subject/camera movement but you can do nothing with out-of-focus blurr.

Jazz drummer and bassist, Hamer Hall.

Young Sam plays with percussion group, Hamer Hall. Sam is now an excellent percussionist, mainly jazz and rock drums and on congas. 

African drummer, Hamer Hall.

Drummer, Hamer Hall. Contract lawyers say the devil is in the detail. Not in photography. Here is an example where the one photograph has created two independantly acceptable images. 

Sam at Hamer Hall, the last to play the Steinway before renovations. Same day as the conga play.

Art deco foyer in Melbourne CBD.

Bank ceiling, CBD.

Bank ceiling, CBD.

.Another tram shot - they are so photogenic. City Cirle (free) tourist trams at Docklands. 

The Wheel, in repair. How is oit possib;e that Melbourne's weather copuld havce put this out of action for four years? The original photograph was rather flat. With Adobe + imagination a reasonably interesting image has resulted. 

The Wheel, in repair. Geometric shapes again - and some fine Melbourne modern architecture at Docklands.

One of the more quieter alleyways in the Melbourne CBD, near Hardware Lane. Again, the original image was rather flat with no feature to attract the eye. Now there are several.

Shopping complex foyer; hotel in Collins Street.

Remarkable street art, on Princes Bridge, something that Melbourne is well-known for. Easy to photograph but better to have some human interaction, even from a 'statue'. 

The famous Ron Barassi, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In the background, another well-known footballer whom I dislike and shouldn't be immortalised so I wont bother mentioning his name. So there!!!

Shops in one of the 'Little' streets of Melbourne CBD.

.Arts Centre foyer.

Arts Centre foyer - comparison with above.

Arts Centre foyer - ahain. Three images from the one photograph, varying in format and texture.

.Federation Square indiginous art gallery. You really need professional lighting and photographic equipment to do justice to hanging works of art. 

Musician in grafitti and poster-covered alleyway, near Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD. I just love this image This section of the walkway between Flinders Lane and Flinders Street was more grotty than grundge aethetic but there was something about it that drew me. 

Foyer in building, Melbourne CBD. 

Foyer in building, CBD.

Two Melbourne icons on a rainy night. (This is natural colour, I swear!!)

Flinders Street station, on a rainy night.

Pedestrian walkway , 'Jeff's Shed' in background. Again, geometric shapes.

Residential towers, Victoria Docks complex. 

Residential towers, Victoria Docks complex. 

Another shot of the Exhibition Building, Carlton.

.Superb artwork on small walkway off Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.