A few images selected at random, loaded for AndreG.

Remember, this is MY Melbourne!! It's what appeals to me. Most of these shots were taken over the past three years - with a pocket Canon Powershot A570 IS.  I use Adobe Photoshop, and sometimes Paint Shop Pro.

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Flinders Street Station. Probably one of the most photographed icons of Melbourne - usually of the entrance and the clocks. But look up and see the remarkable copper dome and its ornate cement balustrade and ornamentation. 

Stained glass ceiling at National Gallery. Point the camera up and you have a delightful mosaic-style roof. Boring. But how else can you capture the colour, and the enjoyment of people seeing it. Use your imagination. That's my daughter Catherine by the way. 

Exhibition Building. Another Melbourne icon photographed framed with trees and gardens in the foreground. Been there, done that. But at night - from a hotel in Exhibition Street.

Dome over gallows where Ned was hung, old jail, Russell Street. A bit of over-rated history but there you are. I bet Ned never looked up and saw this simple roof.

Old jail where Ned was incarcerated before he was hung. He's still there and obviously quite pissed off that I am taking his photo!

The joys of a packed free 'tourist' tram. Still, makes the Japanese feel at home.

How do you capture one of Melbourne's beloved old W-class trams: the standard three-quaerter image is boring. But, thankyou Mr Adobe.

The old Myer crossover, Lonsdale Street. I think it's gone now. Nothing special about this - just a bit of history.

Chinatown on a cold wet night - still full of life and light. The colours have not been added by Photoshop - just enhanced and manipulated. Would have been a pretty boring shot otherwise. 

Chinatown again, same wet night. I love the place. So do the bikers.

Just a simple boring pathway off the 'top-end' of Collins Street - how to capture the geometry. 

The 'Stone Men'. Wonderful Melbourne street culture. The pidgeon is real - I think!

I just love these guys. Well, there is only one real fellow. Try and pick who it is. In Swanston Street, near Bourke. Now, where's that pigeon?

The Thai festerval at Federation Square. What do you do? Shoot the actors on stage for a very boring shot even for the family album. But look up and see the big screen. That's better - gives an 'atmospheric' feel to the image. And a better view of the puppeteers. 

Another iconic shot of Melbourne - Princes Bridge and St Pats from Southbank. I love being here, but how to move away from the tradional shot of the bridge - with a tram crossing of course. 

The Greek festival in Lonsdale Street - wonderful fun, and superb music. Love the food, love the music, and the people. Great atmosphere. 

And on to a different atmosphere. Go the Mighty Blues! But sitting high up in the Gods watching the ants play a hundred metres away is no paradise for a photographer. But I could not come away without at least one shot. I took several in fact, but I prefer this one. We thrashed Port by the way. 

When we visit Melbourne we stay in a city hotel for convenience - and I must take at least one shot from the window. Usually the view is of the building next door over an alley-way, or the grubby rooofs of lower buildings. Better to use a long lens - as much as one can with a Canon Powershot, and crop. But look for something that is at least reasonably pleasing. I have always enjoyed mathematics and geometry - and in the geometry of shapes there can be beauty. Consider colour and lighting too but this image looks great in mono also.

The magnificent Royal Arcade - looking north. Wonderful archirecture. 

The old shot-tower in the shopping complex once called Daimaru. Thank heaven the city fathers demanded that the tower remain when the Japanese shopping complex was built - and how imaginatively it has been used. For those not aware of its use - molten lead was poured from the top of the tower. As it cooled on its descent, it formed tiny round solid globules, forming pellets used in shotgun cartidges.

Not exactly a Melbourne icon but our alleyways are at least interesting and now being recognised in aesthetic terms. This poster-ridden wall is in a small alley off Lonsdale Street just south of Swanston; taken at night with distant sodium lighting.

The art-deco ceiling of one of our favourite coffee shops in the CBD. Melbourne has many little gems like this ticked away. 

The infamous Melbourne wheel at Docklands, in 2009, before its succumb to heatstroke! We had the privilege of going on it before it was put out of action for four years. Great views toward the city - but to the west, ugh! Why they built it here only a commerccial developer would know. 

The wheel again.

And again.

And again.

Penguins, at the Melbourne Aquarium. Not easy to photograph through a plate glass window. Cropping is important.

A wet-suit clad attendant prepares to feed the penguins, Melbourne Aquarium. 

Penguin Parade - Melbourne Aquarium.

.Elegant Penguin - not its popular name but it certainly acts like one.